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^ ^ [[Download:]] ^ [[FAQ:]] ^ [[User resources:]] ^ ====== Welcome on twister wiki ====== twister is the fully decentralized P2P microblogging platform leveraging from the free software implementations of Bitcoin and BitTorrent protocols. ^ Free Speech ^ No Spying ^ No IP recording ^ | {{ :megaphone-people.jpg?nolink&100 |Free Speech }} | {{ :spy-keyhole.jpg?nolink&100 |No Spying}} | {{ :footsteps-digital.jpg?nolink&100 |No IP recording}} | | Because twister is completely decentralized no one can censor you. No one can remove your posts. Your account cannot be blocked. | Private communication (Direct Messages) are protected with end-to-end encryption. Both content and metadata (the recipient address) are protected. | The IP address you use to access twister is not recorded on any server. Your online presence is not announced. | **You will find more general information and news about the project on [[|the main developer website]].** ===== Maps of twister wiki ===== * [[Development:]] * [[Development:Developer resources]] * [[Development:Signature and ports]] * [[Development:DHT Protocol:]] * [[Development:DHT Protocol:APIs]] * [[Development:DHT Protocol:Structures]] * [[Development:JSON commands:]] * [[Development:Scripting examples:]] * [[Development:Scripting examples:Python]] * [[Using Twister:]] * Twister beginner guide * Start twister on GNU/Linux * Start twister on Windows * Start twister on Mac OS X * Start twister on Android * Howto * Compiling twister on Debian i386 * Compiling twister on Debian x64 * Compiling twister on Debian ARM * Compiling twister on Fedora 19 * Compiling twister on Ubuntu 12.04 * Compiling twister on Mac OS X * Compiling twister on Windows Cygwin * Compiling twister for Android * Mining with CPU * Mining cgminer * Mining CudaMiner * Issues (how to find known issues and how to report) * Known using issues * Known GNU/Linux issues * Known Mac OS X issues * Known Windows Cygwin issues * Todo * Twister general todo * Twister-core todo * Twister-html todo * Twister mining todo * Twister Android app todo * User resources (link groups, irc...) * Using twister wiki * wiki syntax * wiki sandbox {{indexmenu>:|navbar}}

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