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Compiling twister on Fedora 20

First install the required dependencies:

yum install automake autoconf libtool git libdb-cxx-devel gcc-c++ \
            boost-devel libtorrent-devel miniupnpc-devel

Missing crypto

Parts of eliptic crypto have been removed by RedHat for legal uncertainty so it is not part of Fedora/RHEL. We have to add them. One possibility is to recompile openssl with the missing algorithms.

You may also find the sources for Fedora 20 here

They have been compiled based on this work and will install a modified version of openssl (the one of Fedora with the missing algo) in the /opt directory to ensure that the original version of openssl is not touched.

So you may activate that repo and then install the required packages:

yum install
yum install openssl-compat-bitcoin-devel openssl-compat-bitcoin-libs

Now get twister installed

For twister-core

cd ~

git clone

cd twister-core


./configure PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/opt/openssl-compat-bitcoin/lib/pkgconfig \


For the web part

mkdir ~/.twister

echo -e "rpcuser=user\nrpcpassword=pwd" > ~/.twister/twister.conf

chmod 600 ~/.twister/twister.conf

git clone ~/.twister/html

And finally start twister

~/twister-core/twisterd -rpcallowip= -daemon
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