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Feedback about twister ​

listing here some comments (after telling buddies about twister) to add/improve in

  • bugtracker


  • assuming twister must run all the time
  • missing interaction with other services (e.g. send to twitter, …)
  • better way to find people
  • attach media
  • username grabbing (see also discussion here)
  • blockchain downloading
  • promoted messages
  • include also newest twister-calm theme (see also bugtracker, by @randalgraves)

more details

  • user @lg did NOT have a twister account yet…
    • @lg: “I still do not feel like running #twister because I have to run a computer all the time and keep it connected to the internet. with this kind of power and ADSL providers we don't have that luxury.” link
    • @erkan_yilmaz: “I wonder from where you got that info, because it's #wrong. I let #twister run for 1h per day only. I start it a few times for some minutes and reply back, it gets the messages since I was last time connected to the twister network. All old messages accessible (also from people you did NOT subscribe to, not like SN/GS). And another thing which may also be understood wrong: no need to mine to use twister.”
    • @lg: “oh that sounds very interesting. I think I got that impression from the site you shared for more info and my own misunderstandings of peer to peer stuff :D”
  • user @hosh has a twister account already…
    • H: shortened to: “What it doesn't offer, as far as I've understood, is much interaction with the web. One is in a kind of alternative universe populated by strange shapes and shadowy creatures, in unknown quantities, and little possibility of knowing their identity. What I need is a publicly accessible place on the web that ordinary people can visit if they wish. Typically I send a status, which is more often a link, it travels from there to Twitter. (a social bookmarking site) picks it up. A page on my blog picks up an RSS feed of everything in my [Pinboard]. Twister also lacks a way to discover new people, and a few other things I might like, such as being able to attach a file like this one.” more context
  • H: “I don't like it for a lot of reasons. blockchain downloading, promoted twists, username grabbing and, later, buying&selling” link
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