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Known Android issues

Please submit android related bug reports here.

  • Remember to backup your /sdcard/Android/data/com.mfreitas.twister/files/twisterwallet.dat! Since this is not the final location for the wallet file you may lose your private key with upcoming app updates. Hint: Copy-pasting your secret key to Android Memo is also quite handy.
  • Android porting of html UI is quite hacky. Not all features work. Prefer the Mobile version.
  • When opening twister simple web app, an error loading home url is shown. Wait a few seconds and try again (the daemon is still initializing).
  • Android browser seems to hide the upper-left of menu bar in Desktop version. You may try using a different browser instead, like Chrome. Or use Mobile version instead.
  • Android 2.x browser doesn’t support HTML5 FileReader so configuring avatar image is not possible. The workaround is to set your profile from PC.
  • When creating a new user, the Android browser may report that the AJAX request has timed out. This is not really a problem because the processing will still be performed by the daemon even if the browser aborts. Wait a few minutes and reload the interface, the user will probably have been created already.
  • Android simpleweb app’s CPU usage is not high, but memory usage of both the daemon and webview may render it pretty slugguish in low-end phones. The definitive twister android client needs to be native app (Java).
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